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Introduction for Students Top of page

Our senior Editors who will do the final reading of your thesis have earned their own PhD degrees. We understand your concerns, and will help you through this stressful period. We will edit your thesis, to correct grammar, style and grace. Then we will read it as an external examiner, for logical presentation, reasonable deductions, presence/absence of references, evidence based conclusions. If necessary, we will raise comments or questions for you to consider.

Introduction for Scientists Top of page

A need exists in the scientific community for editorial services of scientific journal manuscripts written in the English language. Editing is also necessary of grant applications, reports and conference abstracts and presentations. This need is important for scientists to whom English is a foreign language. English-speaking scientists also need this service to add clarity and grace to their writing.
A large amount of good scientific research is lost to international exposure because of rejection by high-impact journals due to poor English grammar. A second need is due to the open-access journals requiring more editing by the authors, rather than the Editors. Scientists find this difficult and thus abandon these manuscripts. These abandoned manuscripts lie on shelves gathering dust. These manuscripts are now “orphans," losing, their value. This has a negative impact on a scientist’s CVs, research grant renewal, and tenure or promotion. The University Editor aims to fulfill these needs by providing editorial services, managing the publishing process and maximizing citations.

Services description Top of page

We will take care of the publication details, while you focus on the research. We provide four levels of service:

1.1) Copy editing Top of page
Copy editing is slow and requires word by word and sentence by sentence checking. Copy editing aims to make the writing “clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent” or the 5 Cs. Here we check for:

  • grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • agreement between the verb subject and plurals
  • check tense (consistency and appropriateness of present, past and future tense)
  • impose consistency
  • read for sense and correct word use
  • check for all figures and tables
  • cross checking of references in text and in the list of references
  • check captions of figures, tables and illustrations
  • add comments and questions where necessary
  • check against journal style

1.2) Proof reading Top of page
Proof reading is fast. Here we check for:

  • consistency in fonts and font sizes
  • indentation of paragraphs
  • sequential numbering of headings, figures, tables and illustrations

However, proof reading of the final journal typeset manuscript, against original manuscript is slow, because it must be done word for word.

1.3) Comprehensive editing Top of page
Comprehensive editing is very slow. Here we concentrate on style and clarity to make your manuscript memorable. We edit for:

  • redundancy and repetition
  • readability and clarity
  • consistency
  • conciseness
  • meaningless words
  • correct words
  • parallelism
  • logical flow of arguments
  • substantiation of statements

We check for evidence based conclusions, and appropriate statistics and acceptance or rejection of original hypotheses.

1.4) Publication management Top of page
We format for the journal you choose, revise the format for second and third journal submission, if necessary. We make small alterations of content to meet reviewers’ recommendations on style, and liaise with authors about reviewers’ recommendations on the subject matter. Submission of the manuscript, follow up with journals for acknowledgement of receipt of the manuscript, follow up with journal for reviewers’ comments, follow up with authors for technical issues, expedite correction of galley proofs, notification of all authors of acceptance.

1.5) Maximizing citations Top of page
We use various methods to maximize the number of citations immediately after publication. Our expertise can also be applied to your recent publications. For example, we can add your publications to Wikipedia's pages where applicable and set up your Google Scholar page, e.g.

Costs Top of page

Only the per-word cost (see "Price" on the main menu) is used for copy editing, proofreading and comprehensive editing.
Only the per-hour cost (see "Price" on the main menu) is used for the publication management and citation maximization.

FAQs for Students Top of page

If my publication is based on my thesis that has already been edited by UEdit, must it be edited again?
Not if this is only a cut, paste and reformat.

Can you guarantee that my theses is accepted?
No, that depends upon the scientific quality.

Can you put more Editors on my project to meet the deadline?
No, for consistency, one editor will edit the whole project.

Can I get a list of corrections?
Yes, we will provide a copy of the original manuscript, and a copy with all the corrections for you to accept/reject and a few questions and suggestions for you to consider.

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